Christophe Courteau - Franska

The reason why I teach students taking a Swedish folk high school course: 

Same as for all students we welcome, the pleasure of transmitting skills, interest for exchange and curiosity to meet new people

This is what I hope the students have learnt after having me as a teacher or having met me:
To be able to communicate, to have access to a culture and a language, having the feeling of being a citizen of the world

A thing you did not know about me: I love sports of all kinds and I practice as much as I can

When I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up was : John Mc Enroe

Something you have to experience in Aix-en-Provence/France: The terraces of cafés at springtime or in the summer time at the hour of 'œaperitif' in the shade of the plane trees

As an French person, I think Swedish people are:
Citizens of the world, the language being the only real barrier

As an French person, I think Swedish people think that we (French) are:
Hopefully something else than the character of Astérix